Tuesday, December 4, 2007


i went to my aunt's wake last night. she was a sweet woman, and it showed! the place was packed the entire time i was there. i got to see my aunt nancy and her husband kevin, my uncle bobby and his wife shirley, and my uncle gerry and his wife terri.
nancy is one of my dad's younger sisters.
my uncle kevin is a great guy. he was always nice to us kids. now my aunt nancy...not so much. she wasn't mean, but she wasn't nice either. she always seemed like she was uncomfortable. they have 2 kids that are 16 and 17. it makes me feel so OLD, i used to baby sit these guys!
bobby is the oldest of the 11 kids
my uncle bobby and aunt shirley are the nicest people. they were never able to have children, so they spent their time building their business up. when they sold it a few years ago, i believe they made several million dollars plus they still made a salary as consultants.
gerry is the second oldest.
my uncle gerry and aunt terri are really nice too. out of the above named aunts and uncles, i know them the best. i am around the same age as their kids, my dad and uncle gerry worked together for years, and we all got together alot when i was a kid. i found out my cousin ben (gerry's oldest son) and his wife are expecting another baby. their first child has had major health problems. i believe he stops breathing when he gets upset, or sleeping, or just plain stops breathing. his first year he was in and out of the hospital all the time. he has a trachea tube to be hooked up when he sleeps, and he is very behind developmentally. he doesn't talk, just started walking a year or two ago (and i believe he is 4 or 5). they have him in a school for autistic children now. he just started a month ago. please everyone, pray for this new baby to be healthy, and for their oldest to improve!

from what i understand, my uncle kenny and his wife ann were there too. it's a shame to say it, but i didn't recognize them. they decided several years ago, they didn't want to be a part of the family anymore. well, his wife decided anyway. we haven't seen their kids in 15 years. well, except for amanda. i saw her for the first time this past november. she happened to be at the same restaurant we were at. she went to college with my brother, so he knew who she was. i guess it's silly, but when i think of those kids, they are still little kids. last time i saw amanda, she was, i think, 8 or maybe 9. she was the oldest of their kids together. ann had a son from a previous relationship, and i believe he was a couple of years older than me. ann never got that being in a big family is different than being in a regular sized family. my grandparents had 11 kids. my youngest aunt is 9 years older than me. and i was only the second grandchild. grandparents have a harder time doting on grandkids when they still have their own kids at home. unfortunately, some people don't get that. when you marry into a large family (as i did) you have to be a little more understanding and flexible.
perhaps, i can give you my thoughts on this another time, right now, i have kids to get ready. bryan freeman is in town (his mom broke her leg really bad and is in a wheelchair) and we are going to see him and his mom.

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okay, seriously - I was posting a comment the very MINUTE you were updating your blog. Now my comment got erased. Thanks a lot. I think I said three things...

you have a huge family.

we're praying for the family with the child on the way. I have two mildly autistic nieces, so I've seen a glimpse of what they go through.

and, we're sorry to hear about Bryan's mom too. That's great that he can be there with her.