Monday, July 2, 2007

clown shoes!?! no this is my actual shoe size...

is it just me, or are kids just growing bigger now? the other day, haley was out with my step-mom and they were trying on shoes (because the ones from 2 months ago are apparently too small), and we found out haley wears a size seven and a half. now mind you she just turned 8 in jan. and we are talking adult sizes here. granted she is tall... but a seven and a half? i wear a 10. and i was only a 1 or 2 when i was her age. alex is 11 and he wears an 8. does this mean my kids will be exceptionally tall? i have no clue. the doc says they are in about the 9oth to 95th percentile for their ages. fine, that doesn't bother me. i guess i am worried my little girl is going to be 6ft (no big deal) with a size 16 shoe (big deal...very big deal). not just because of teasing, but where do you find a size 16 women's shoe? i doubt you could find really cute sandals or heels in a 16...atleast not without looking like they need some oars.

speaking of shoes...well nothing else comes to mind.

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