Monday, July 9, 2007

nike was here

yes, she actually was able to make it to the house. she, dave and little mia got here around 6 on sat. she had a couple of other stops to make before heading back to the hotel, but she stayed for about 2 hours. i have to say, i love when she visits. she's totally different from everyone around. she's one of those people that is so full of life and energy, she's infectious...atleast for a while. i really like her husband. he is very laid back and keeps her grounded (which, if you know nike, is a really good thing). they've been married for almost a year now...but have known each other and been close friends for years. mia is a doll. she and grace hit it off right away. it was amazing to see her as a mom. i've always known her as the "fun" nike. the life of the party, the center of attention. to see her being a mom, well lets just say it stopped me in my tracks. in a good way. she's come a long way, and it has been a rough but amazing journey.

how i met jeff was actually thru nike. had it not been for her, we may not have ever met, married, or had 5 beautiful kids. i can't thank her enough for that.
she actually dated jeff first. i think it was either our sophomore or junior year. they stopped "dating" after jeff's birthday. she and i became friends junior year. i knew of her before i met her, but she scared me. funny. she was WILD. really really wild. i wasn't as wild, but i had my moments. we had a few things in common, both had no car and no license, both had a taste for illegal substances in high school (she more than me), and we both didn't have high expectations of each other. she told me that when she met me, she thought i wouldn't be much fun. she also said she liked me better than the other girls we hung out with. she said she knew the perfect guy for me...and she did. it's funny how things work out. she lives far away, but close enough that we are hopefully going to visit her in august. i don't see her ever coming back here to live. too many bad memories and acquaintances i guess.

going to the zoo tomorrow if the rain holds off. can't wait!


Rachel Huse said...

Glad you got to see her, Amy! It's funny to hear your stories from high school. I was totally oblivious to any illegal substances going on....I'm floored when I hear people telling me that. Seriously - did I live in a bubble??

bauer zoo said...

rachel, i love you, but were in a bubble. that's ok though. i wish i had lived in the same bubble. oh yeah, welcome back! even if it's only for 1 or 2 weeks!