Sunday, August 17, 2008


i'm not usually one for profanity...ok, let me rephrase that...i don't use a lot of profanity. the occasional slip here and there. but today? well, the wtf, that almost slipped right out.

i took the kids to the flea market today. i like to go up and see if they have any good deals on produce, check out the animals, see if anyone i know is there. you know, fun stuff. i brought 3 of my 5 kiddos with me. we walked around and were on our way out when i spotted a sign that said "free kittens". oh buddy, i had to check it out. inside this kennel were 4 kittens. one was black, one was solid gray, one solid white and one that was white with some spots. super cute. i couldn't resist the gray one. i picked him up, held him, checked under his tail (looked like a boy to me) and then the crowd came. everyone had a kitten. this crazy lady with the little white one decides she wants to find out if hers is a boy or a girl and proceeds to rub her finger over the cat's butt. i kid you not. this woman was feeling up this poor kitty. then she does it to my little gray one (you know, for comparison) and i have never felt so sorry for any animal in my life. she ended up not even taking one, so i took the gray one...and the white one. what can i say, i felt so sorry for them both. i hope i was able to hide what i was feeling at that moment.

seriously, who rubs a cat's butt?


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Um. Ick.

How did Jeff react with two more kittens?

bauer zoo said...

let's just say, there was a price to pay. was it worth it? not sure. they are so freakin' adorable though. i actually took them up to my father in law's house (thinking i wouldn't get in trouble) but i might as well bring them home. i think tiger could use a few playmates. the kids are going to be in school now, and with homework and sports, well, i just didn't want him too lonely. a couple of friends, that can't hurt anything...i hope.

RazorFamilyFarms.comh said...

I would have done the very same thing! I can't believe that woman was feeling up the kitten's back end! Oh my word!

I'm glad that you rescued them!