Tuesday, November 27, 2007

rachel's meme...i'll give it a try!

ok after 2 hours, this is what i came up with!
this is my first name.

this is where i live now, the 2nd is where i was born. basically the same area.

the first 2 are our dogs' names now.

below was my lizard's name.

this WAS my nickname in high school. totally undeserved, i swear!

really it was.

i swear!

i will be this old on my next birthday.

add blueberries, and you have my absolute favorite food.

his name was my grandma's too!

i'l like to visit here.

i love this place!

my favorite animal ever!

major in college? liberal arts count?

worst habit ever!

pastimes i love are:

this was my first job. but in the good old us.

below is my favorite job by far.



I hate this! I posted a comment and it got lost! UGH!

What I said was...something like this...

Yay! Yay! You did the meme! You're the first one! I'm loving that your grandma's name is Nelly!

And I see that you did the sitemeter! I'm so proud of you. You're all techno and stuff!

bauer zoo said...

yes, i am a techno-geek! by the way, i noticed that i have 2 ssr's from your site, JENNIFER FROM ST PETERS, and AMANDA FROM HAWAII.
that's right, i called you out!
by the way i read both of your blogs...when you update them atleast (amanda). lol