Sunday, November 18, 2007

and then there were two!

last night, i got a call from a jen (not the nurse or the vet) that a friend of hers was wanting to come out and get a puppy. this call was at 8:30 PM folks. but as the saying goes in our house..."if you're taking a puppy, we don't care what time it is!" so these people came out...well not just the people, but their basset hound "butters" too, and they decided they wanted the biggest boy. the guy was pretty funny. he said when his wife told him what breeds the puppies were his reaction was "those sound like some ugly puppies". and was (pleasantly) surprised at how absolutely beautiful (his exact words now) they all were. so they left around 10pm, with a puppy. i have been so happy about the homes we have found for these guys. i think every one of them will be spoiled and well taken care of. i hope at least. this has truly been the hardest part of getting rid of them all. i don't want them to end up in a shelter, or cast away outside somewhere. now if we can find homes for the last 2 (or even just 1) by thanksgiving, i will truly have some thanks to be giving!

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