Thursday, June 7, 2007

my nephew is 21

now does this seem weird to anyone else? i am 28 and my nephew is 21. his parents are 45 and 42. when alex turns 21, i will be 39. amazing.
we went out for his birthday. we being his parents, kim and jim, jeff's other brother, john, his wife, julie, jeff's sister, debbie, and her husband, billy, nathan, and jeff and i. we took him to fast eddy's. i had about 5 strawberry daiquiris and 1 purple hooter shot. i was a little buzzed. i think i talked too much. i love when kim drinks. she is one of the funniest people i have ever met. we just laugh and laugh and laugh. she is one of the only people i have ever met that actually was a virgin on her wedding night. and she and jeff's brother were together for like 4 or 5 years before they got married! i didn't know people actually did that! anyway, my other sister in law was really drunk. she was telling us about stuff we didn't want to know. i mean really didn't want to know. like can't look at her the same, laugh when i see her, get the heebie-jeebies if you think about it, type of stuff. i tried to talk everyone into taking my nephew to a strip club. his mom was not having it. i tried to tell her that if his mom got him his first lap dance, it would ruin the strip club mystique for him. he'd never want to go back. but she didn't believe me. we ended up going to the casino and losing money instead. oh well.

alex leaves for 4H camp tomorrow. he is sooo excited. he will be home on monday. he's going with a couple of friends from school. i don't know what all they will be doing there, but swimming is one of the main things. 2 times a day. he needs the exercise.

not much else is happening here right now. my friend chris is getting married. he lives in texas. i hope this girl knows she's getting a really great guy. i haven't met her. in fact i haven't seen chris in about 4 years. i think i had just found out i was pregnant with josh last time i saw him. he is living down there with his little boy, his soon to be wife and her 2 boys. perfect fit for him. i wish him the best!

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