Friday, June 15, 2007

my dad

i finally did it. i went back to being a brunette. i got tired of the upkeep of highlights. well not so much the upkeep, but the brown strip that marked my part. i don't get in to the salon as often as i should if i want to be a blond. atleast if i want to be a blond that doesn't look like she belongs in a trailer park. so i went darker. back to my natural color. i think that in the last 10 to 15 years i have been my natural color 1 other time. since then i have been blond, varying shades of blond, but blond none the less. do blonds have more fun? i don't know, but i had 5 kids while blond, so i think i am due a change. i also decided to deviate from the "cut it as short as possible" bob i have been getting. i figure it i am not going to be blond i should at least leave it a little longer for jeff. he likes long hair, and blond hair. so i figure, i can do one for him. when i cut it short, i have been going blond. now that i'm dark, i figured i could leave it a little longer. anyway enough about my hair.

i tried to think of things to do about dads, you know with father's day on sunday and all. well i decided to do a 50 things about my dad list. i hope i can think of 50 things about him.
1. my dad's middle name is edward, and so is my oldest son's
2. my dad named me
3. i was named after my youngest aunt, and she is also my dad's goddaughter
4. my dad is one of eleven kids
5. he is the 4th kid, and the 3rd son
6. he has 3 kids
7. my dad has been married 2 times
8. my mom had a crush on my dad when she was in 6th grade
9. she is 6 years younger than my dad
10. he turned 24 two months after i was born
11. his birthday is the first day of fall
12. his best friend wrote a book about their childhood, and teenage years
13. i never read it, and i don't think i ever want to
14. my dad has dinner with my grandpa every week
15. my dad is a carpenter by trade, but is a project manager now
16. my dad has helped us build 2 houses
17. my dad built the house we lived in when i was a kid
18. some of my favorite memories are of float trips we went on with my dad and the Field family
19. my dad and his friends had a book club back when they were kids
20. my dad turned me on to books i would probably not read
21. my dad can't spell
22. i mean he really can't spell
23. even though he can't spell, he still writes notes in every card he has ever gotten me
24. my dad likes german shepherds
25. my dad had a crow when he was a kid
26. he found it when it was very young and raised it
27. he hated my cat "muffy"
28. my dad wanted to have 5 kids
29. my dad loves being a grandpa
30. he loves it when alex asks to go fishing
31. he used to sneak back to the private lake behind our old house with us to go fishing
32. my dad tells me he thinks i'm a good mom all the time
33. he doesn't tell me he thinks i'm a good housekeeper
34. he never badmouthed my mom when they were splitting up
35. he never badmouthed my mom's family
36. my dad always told me i could do anything
37. my dad is proud of me for being a stay at home mom
38. he loves my husband like a second son
39. my dad falls asleep around 9pm
40. he never let us sleep late
41. he used to say "suns up, you're up"
42. he didn't like it when i would bring stray dogs home
43. he didn't mind the turtles and lizards
44. i don't think he liked the snakes getting lost in the house
45. my dad only liked one cat, that was tiger
46. he actually spent alot of money on him when he got sick, trying to get him better
47. he did the same for our german shepherd, louise
48. he liked to name our dogs after people he knew that had rough lives, louise was a lady he knew that had lost 2 kids to a drunk driver, but still could smile.
49. i used to watch john wayne movies, and clint eastwood movies with him
50. my french teacher had a HUGE crush on my dad

well that's 50 things. i hope you enjoyed it. as you can see, my dad is supercool (yes, it is one word in this context, say it fast). try to think of 50 things for your dad.