Friday, November 7, 2008

looking back...

ok, the complaining about my hubby being home too much, i probably shouldn't have done that. i am really blessed with a loving caring hubby that not only loves our kids...but loves me too.

why the change?

well, yesterday, jessica lost her battle with cancer. this young mom, young wife is no longer with her family. i feel like such crap for saying my hubby was around too much. i can't imagine being in the same spot as her husband.

the day before yesterday, hubby found out someone he knew died in a car accident. he had sold the man a car, knew him well, and the night before last, someone hit him head on in the car the hubby sold him. this man took pictures of our kids at the fair, was very nice and had a wife and 2 kids. a daughter in her early twenties and a son about 15. it's so sad.

and here i was, complaining.

yes the man sleeps a lot, and likes things kept neat and tidy, and has "his" way of doing things. those things can get annoying. but i love him like no one else, and even the thought of him not being around is enough to bring me to tears. i can't imagine what these poor families are going through right now.

please pray for them!
jessica and her family
bruce and his family


Huse Yo Mama said...

my heart aches with yours, girl.

AmyB said...

I found your blog from another. I wanted to tell you I also have prayed for Jessica. I found her CB site from my son's BB site. You are right. Life happens fast. Too fast.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I was sad when I read the Caringbridge update about Jessica. You are right...we need to appreciate our families because they won't be here forever. Will be praying for these two families.