Saturday, November 22, 2008

guess what i found today?

three gray hairs!!!!!!!!!!!

i had no idea i had one let alone 3! i was so depressed this morning (after i removed those offending hairs of course) and i just can't believe it.

i have (had) gray hair.

i know i am thirty now, and i will be getting more of them...but i really thought it wouldn't happen to me. i don't know why i thought this, i just did. (of course i thought the same thing about getting pregnant in high school...and look where that got me! ha) i teased my hubby quite a bit when he started getting them in his chest hair and and he took it in stride. i don't think i will be that easy with it. this is really bugging me!

another thing that's bugging me is that i got those three hairs...but i can't see the back of my head well enough to see if i have any back there.

well, i guess a few gray hairs aren't that bad.

at least they were where they are supposed to be...unlike the stray eyebrows i've had to pluck from my chin!

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Huse Yo Mama said...

Girl. I learned a few years ago to NOT make fun of anyone with hair where it's not supposed to be. I made fun of my girlfriend who was waxing her chin. Needless to say, that came to bite me!

Grey hairs - sign of distinction.