Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the bestest doctor ever!!!!

hello all. i think everyone has had experiences with doctors that were less than ideal. my first ob/gyn was not the most friendly...he treated my questions as annoyances. perhaps that had to do with the fact i was 17 and a senior in high school. most of the people he saw were welfare recipients and/or teens. i guess it's understandable...but, well, i i needed more than that.
then i found the bestest doctor ever. i was 19 and pregnant with my second child. we had decent insurance at that time. this doctor had really long hair he wore in a ponytail. he was very talkative, and i probably know more about him than i know about my own father. that being said, the man listens. he loves babies. oh, did i mention he listens? he has a great bedside manner. he delivered my middle 3 kids.
then our insurance changed. i had to find a new doctor. the new doctor i found was adequate. he was a 5 minute appt man. in and out in 5 minutes. no time to answer questions. when i told him about my 4 previous labors, and some of the issues and what we did that worked, well, he smiled and said "uh-huh". let's just say, i was not impressed with him, or his 2 partners (2 of the 3 women i mentioned above).
i realized how special my other doctor was. well, not just him, his whole staff. i went back for the first time today for a regular check up. only one change in staff has happened since last time i was there...4 years ago. his wonderful (seriously if she had been an ob/gyn, i would have gone to her) nurse died of cancer a few years ago. she was just like him. you could talk to her. she was there when i was having bleeding when i was pregnant with josh. she was there for me when we had some family issues to work out. she was truly a wonderful woman.
ok, back to my doctor. he is a doctor that takes his job seriously. i may have to wait an hour in the waiting room, but if it was me in labor, i would want him to be there for me like that. in fact he was, 3 different times. his care is worth the wait.
anyway, if you live in the st. louis area.. and are looking for a great doctor, let me know. i'll give you his name!!!


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

That's awesome! I'm glad you have someone like that you can count on!

Being military, I see a different doc (or PA or midwife) every time I have a visit and I didn't even know the doctor who delivered Lorelai. Yay.

bauer zoo said...

wow. that really sucks. i don't think i'd like so many different people looking at my um, you know. i've been pretty lucky. it's only been my actual doctors that have delivered my kids. said...

I love when people can actually develop a relationship with their doctor and staff. It makes the whole process so much better!

As a military dependent, I see random doctors (some of them aren't even doctors as huse blog pointed out) and I miss the friendships I formed with my previous doctors.


Martie said...

A good doc makes all the difference. I'm happy for you!

I sure wish we could find one that great for Christi.

Mom to 9