Friday, February 1, 2008

hubby had a dream

unfortunately it wasn't as uplifting and inspirational as MLK jr's.
let me start this by saying, my husband has some very vivid dreams, and they usually don't make much sense. i think it's from the oxygen deprivation (i believe he suffers from sleep apnea).
anyway, he woke up this morning and hugged me tight and told me how much he loves me. not that he doesn't do this every single morning, but this morning it was a little more intense.
in his dream, he and i decided to split up. according to him, it was a mutual decision. it didn't take him long to realize how insignificant and worthless his life is without me. (hehehe) he wanted to tell me he changed his mind and wanted to make it work. he couldn't find me. i disappeared. he spent the rest of his dream searching for me.
it's funny, i thought after the split he would have looked at the house and realized how clean and neat his life is without me. apparently he loves the chaos that is me!

today was a snow day. the kids were all out of school. i ended up with around 18 people for lunch...that includes myself and my sister in law and her 2 kids. (not the one that gave us the dog) if you do the math, i had a total of 14 kids in my care. that includes my five. my house was loud all day. it is cold in here still, and i am supposed to be getting it cleaned up for the superbowl party we are having. will this be possible? your guess is as good as mine. i am usually a pressure cleaner. ie, i clean right before people are supposed to show up. so i will be crazy tomorrow. today, i am going to play cards with all the in-laws. hubby is working late, and his family is playing texas hold'em. hubby is not really into playing cards. his family is pretty competative. we have a good time though. we laugh alot. usually at someones expense, but all in good fun.

i am totally snowed in. i love my 12 passenger van, but it sucks in the snow. any more than an inch of the white stuff and i am stuck in the house until it melts. last time it snowed about 4 inches, i was stuck for about a week...even though the snow had melted on the 3rd day. we live on a gravel driveway and when the snow packs into the rocks it turns to ice. everyone else can get around in their 4 wheel drive vehicles, and i am stuck at home with my red short-bus.

enjoy your weekend and GO GIANTS!!!



What a great dream! Well, at least the way it ended!

I can't believe you had 18 people over for an impromptu lunch. If I have two surprise guests, I get a little nervous!

I hope the snow stops soon. I SO don't miss all that mess!

By the way, I know I hound you all the time and I'm sure that one day you'll get pictures actually posted on your blog, but for now I'm going to remind you to take pictures of the next time you have 18 people over for lunch!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said... are quite the hostess with the mostess! come check out my blog for a GREAT giveaway! you don't want to miss this one! *elizabeth

Martie said...

I so hear ya with driving the big van in the snow! I cannot stand that feeling when you apply the brakes and then you start to slide. There's just too much riding on our wheels to risk that unless absolutely necessary! When my DH drives us in the big van, he doesn't even slow down. We slide every which way and I just scream. Loudly. He thinks it's very funny. I think it's very SCARY.

I changed the 30-day challenge a bit. Come check it out when you're done with your busy weekend! And thank you for signing up.