Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

my husband is the best. i know i may complain about some boneheaded thing he did, but he is still the best. so i thought i would try to come up with a list of things i love about him.

1) he has the most beautiful eyes.

2) he is crazy in love with me.

3) he is a family man through and through.

4) he helped me to mend my relationship with my father.

5) he is always willing to help a friend or family member.

6) he has things he is passionate about (besides me).

7) he is really smart.

8) he totally backs me up with the kids...even when i am wrong.

9) he loves having people over.

10) he's a giver.

ok, that's just the ten i could think of in 1 minute. i unfortunately don't have time to think up another 99. things like he can clean like nobody's business! he can get all the laundry done in one day (something i have never ever accomplished).

he is really the best friend i have ever had. i can talk to him about stuff i never told anyone else. he's there to wipe my tears, and hold my hand. he has supported me in any and all decisions i have made. he's a great dad.

ok enough with mushy stuff.

and happy birthday rachel!


Feagans Family said...

what is it with men and laundry...daniel can do the same thing....god bless them ;)


Thanks for the shout out! Your hubby is very lucky to have you!!!! Great post!