Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well, i haven't touched the computer in a couple of days.

no my hands aren't broken.

i got the next 5 (that's right) charlaine harris books...and i read them all. all 5, on sunday and monday.

yes, my house is pretty dirty. thanks for asking.

and i think i dropped a couple of pounds. well, when i do a reading marathon like that...well, i forget to eat...and drink...and pay attention to any one or thing.

bad mommy! bad!

i have the next book due to arrive in the next week. (thank you walmart.com) and i can't wait.

i think i may have to read all 5 over again. very slowly this time.

they are like, um, romance type sci-fi type supernatural books.

and yes, the hubby has been reaping the rewards. dirty house and all.

on another subject.

terry's memorial is tonight. my mom picked up a picture of him and i from hubby and my wedding. i was sitting in his lap, and he has this huge smile on his face. he was pretty cute. of course he has his mouth wide open so you can see his tongue piercing. it's going to be a sad night. when i get it back from my mom, i'll post it.


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