Thursday, September 6, 2007

say WHAT!!!

lots of things going on now.
jeff decided to change jobs...well not exactly. more like decided to change employers. he was working for a ford dealership. dan (jeff's brother jim's brother-in-law) gave jeff a shot at selling cars 4 years ago. he was pretty helpful as far as showing jeff the ropes, etc. now jeff is going to work for behlmann carnection in st. peters. jeff's new boss is a great guy. he has been coaching alex's soccer team since he was in kindergarten. they sell used cars only, and jeff was pretty impressed by the quality of cars they sell. plus it's in st. peters. the only down-side is that he's going to have later hours than before. they open at 9am (a plus) but they close at 8 or 9 at night (not a plus). anyway, i hope things work out well.

our puppy, sami, is looking like she's expecting pups. i think the dad is probably my brother in law's mastiff, brock. (cane corso mastiff...not near as big as english) brock is a beautiful dog, gray on gray brindle with blue gray eyes.
unfortunately i don't think brock is handling his upcoming fatherhood the way he should. he has tried to commit suicide 2 times now. (running in front of jeff's truck while jeff is going down the driveway)

brock, if you are reading this, (and i doubt you are...rachel is the only one reading this most likely) it's not worth it buddy. it's ok. we are preparing to financially take care of the little guys until they are old enough to leave the nest. we aren't expecting anything from you. sami isn't expecting anything from you either. i'm sorry she hasn't been over to hang with you lately, she just hasn't been feeling up for it.

anyway, i don't know for sure she is. honestly she has had a false pregnancy in the past. so i am hoping it's just another one. her belly is pretty big, but i haven't felt anything moving in there. so in case there are any pups, let me know if you are looking for one. golden retriever and cain corso mastiff. or if you can come up with a cute name for the mix. you know like pug+beagle=puggle, or lab+poodle=labradoodle. hopefully these guys will be cuter than those. or i guess i could go back to the old standard "mutt". but honestly, it feels like calling a baby of unwed parents a bastard. kind of scummy. but, if i would have gotten her spayed, i wouldn't have to be worrying about this. i feel like i should have a tattoo on my forehead saying "irresponsible pet owner".

last, alex and haley are wanting to join 4-H, and do livestock. haley wants to do sheep. that's fine, i know who to talk to about it. but alex wants to do pigs. (thanks to jeff's dad, he suggested pigs and cows) i have no problem with them doing this. as long as they are the ones doing it. i don't want it to fall on me because they lost interest. especially the pigs. the sheep will be at a friend's farm. he knows all about them, and has been involved with kids and sheep in 4-H for like 20+ years. so i will let you know what we end up doing with them.


Anonymous said...

your blog always makes me laugh. Your ever expanding family!!!

First of all - congrats, Jeff! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Secondly - I'm not the only one reading this. I promise. You other secret stalker readers out there better leave a comment or two!!

Thirdly - Golden Stiff. That's what I think the puppies should be. What do you think?

Love, ME

bauer zoo said...

rachel, i love the name you came up with...but it may sound a little x-rated for the kiddos. i am just picturing alex's friends laughing until milk comes out their noses, and phone calls from parents (especially any girls') asking what kind of "stiff" is my son giving away.
love ya rachel!